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Promo Products Offer Maximum Exposure at Minimum Cost

Want New Customers? PromoProducts Offer Maximum Exposure, Minimum Cost!

Promotional products are designed to increase awareness and business. You use them to reward, remind and inspire, both internally to employees and externally to customers and prospects. The thousands of products available allow flexibility in planning promotions.

Promotional products usually bear a logo, slogan or saying, known as the imprint. There are many different ways a product can be imprinted, depending on the material from which it is made. Some common methods of imprinting include printing, screenprinting, embossing, embroidery, hot stamping, pad printing, etching, engraving, die-casting, etc. The message itself can be as simple as a company logo or as complex as a mission statement. Because promotional products are generally purchased in quantities, they usually cost less than the recipient thinks they do, giving them a higher perceived value.


There is really no limit to the type of product that can be used to communicate a message. Products include calendars, mugs, pens, T-shirts, bumper stickers, key tags, etc. Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of promotional products at our store, including many high-value items like clocks, crystal, china and watches. Additionally, automotive accessories and desktop products are very popular.

One reason promotional products work is because people actually like to receive these gifts. Unlike other marketing and motivational media, promotional products, which include ad specialties, premiums, business gifts and recognition awards - are tangible symbols. They are useful to the recipient, they are kept, used and appreciated long after other elements of a campaign may have been discarded or forgotten.

Here are some of the ways Promotional Products can be used:

* Motivation/Incentives * Recognition/Service Awards * Traffic Building * Event Marketing * Safety Programs * Product Rollouts * Point-of-Purchase * Direct-Mail Marketing * Employee/Community/Customer Relations * Clubs/Fraternal Identification * Cause-Related Marketing * Brand Awareness * Fund Raising * Souvenirs/Remembrances

If you can answer "YES" to any of these questions you should ask us for some cool ideas and creative promotional products solutions:

- Do you want to increase sales in regional markets? - Do you want to get repeat online orders from your customers? - Do you want to conduct low-cost marketing research? - Do you want to build traffic to your newly launched Web site? - Do you want to give a "little something" to your best customers? - Do you want to pump up the morale within your company? - Do you want to retain my customers by adding value to your services? - Do you want to make sure employees are following your safety program? - Do you want to make it easy for people to order from your catalog? - Do you want to communicate with your "on the go" target audience? - Do you want to give trade show participants something they can use? - Do you want to commemorate my best employees' anniversaries?

Promotional Products Solutions 
Shirts - Don't lose your shirt. Obey the safety rules. Caps - Cap off a good record setting year. Pencils - Pencil in safety as your #1 priority. Pens - Thank you for drawing up a great plan. Post - It Notes Thank you for keeping me posted. Magnets - Thank you for always wearing a smile. 


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